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New Age Caravans began as New Age Frames & Designs in 2004, specialising in providing structural framing along with a plethora of other CNC fabricated componentry. They subcontracted to a number of high-profile caravan manufacturers in the Campbellfield area, the prime hub of caravan manufacturing in Australia. After four years of operation and utilising their highly skilled workforce, New Age switched their focus from supplying the caravan industry to manufacturing caravans.

In 2008 New Age Caravans was born, with its sights set to shake up an industry that was still relying heavily on aged product designs & materials. The product was taken to the market with an overwhelmingly positive response, New Age has been rightly credited with revolutionising the caravan Industry in Australia with the shift from wooden & rustic interiors into a modern apartment style aesthetic. Their devotion and commitment to the research & development of a modern contemporary caravan design has seen them set the benchmark & rise as leaders in the industry.

In 2009 New Age manufactured 5 caravans a week, 10 years later we are making over 2000 a year. In these years of rapid growth we have kept true to our founding principles of innovation and pride in our product. Along the way we have won many awards for product design, manufacturing, community work and business operation. New Age is recognised as an important member of the caravan industry by being a board member of the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria, helping play a key role in shaping the future of this industry.

In 2019, New Age Caravans was purchased by Walkinshaw Automotive Group. The Walkinshaw name came to prominence in Australia when Tom Walkinshaw first started racing his Factory Jaguar XJS at the Bathurst 1000 in 1984, followed by a three-vehicle assault on Mount Panorama in 1985. Two years later Tom Walkinshaw partnered with General Motors Holden to produce high performance vehicles (HSV), unveiling the first ‘Walkinshaw’ Commodore in 1988. Since 1987 HSV built an array of high performance and luxury vehicles and have become an Australian cultural icon deeply rooted in the identity of many auto enthusiasts. Since its acquisition by Walkinshaw, New Age has quickly integrated their unprecedented automotive expertise in engineering, design and manufacturing to introduce a new level of innovation to the RV industry.

With the Walkinshaw influence now firmly integrated into New Age, we are re-emerging as an innovative market leader. New Age now has access to intel & technology that no other caravan manufacturer in Australia has. These include: a seven- post rig that can replicate 1000km of rough durability testing in minutes, a dedicated clay modelling studio for conceptual & prototype design work, robotic- welded chassis operation and access to Walkinshaw’s proving ground for unsurpassed rough track testing. The bold new Walkinshaw inspired direction of New Age is evident in the updated and new range of products. The Wayfinder camper and XU toy hauler are the first brand new products developed with a strong Walkinshaw influence, including a myriad of new parts, manufacturing processes and design aesthetics s that are solely unique to New Age. We have also begun exciting re-vamps to existing product lines to integrate the WAG theme, this being evident in the all new Manta Ray, Big Red, Oz Classic, Road Owl and Desert Rose ranges.